Learn How To Transform Overwhelm into Mom Super Power

Autism Mom Coach Brigitte Shipman

Being a mom is hard. But throw in autism, the job gets even harder. You dig deeper than you ever thought possible and find your strength to keep going. Your child is your joy and he or she is the best thing that ever happened to you—that’s for sure. But you gotta admit, this autism life is kicking your butt. You’re overwhelmed, stressed out, and you’re constantly questioning yourself whether you’re doing this thing right or not. Your superhero powers are weakening fast and you need to rise up once again.

Feel Empowered and Thrive with Your Child

One on One Coaching Program

As an autism mom we all are searching for strategies to advocate for our children living with autism. What is already challenging has become even more daunting during this pandemic. The fears are real and life feels chaotic and you can’t remember the last time you felt calm, confident, and in charge of your life (let alone your child’s).

You feel like you’re having adult meltdowns from the stress and overwhelm of living through these chaotic times. You’re hiding it well because everybody depends on you and you have to be strong. But inside, you’re doubting your decisions, your parenting, your ability to be the great parent that you know you are.

The feeling is completely overwhelming. You feel like you’re at a breaking point and you just don’t know what to do. You don’t feel heard, understood, or supported and sometimes you just want to scream. You wish you could let out a huge sigh of relief.

Are you internally having meltdowns from the stress and overwhelm of being an autism mom? Is your daily life filled with fear and doubt? Are you searching for a place where you can be understood and supported?

Then it’s time to move through stress and overwhelm and

Into the MOM Super Power

Are you ready to ditch the things that zap your Wonder Woman Autism Mom Power?

Power Zappers:

Judgment - Judgmental thoughts about your parenting, decision making, and anything else that brings you down

Self-Blame - Blaming yourself for your child’s autism

Fear - Letting fear about your child’s future steal your peace and joy

Martyrdom - Sacrificing your sanity, health, relationships, and everything else to “help” your child

And instead, are you ready to turn up your Wonder Woman Autism Mom Power?

Power Boosters:

Acceptance - Allowing yourself to be exactly where you are

Embracing - Turning challenges into opportunities for more joy and fun for yourself and your child

Trust - Tapping into your core of peace to know that all will be well

Self-Care - You count! Recharged You means well-equipped Wonder Woman Autism Mom to support your child

Are you ready to

Regain Your Confidence

Let Go of Fear and Judgment

Recharge Your Empty Tank?

So that you can feel



Like a Wonder Woman Autism Mom?

Say Yaaas!!!

I’m here to tell you that you are not only a great parent (otherwise you wouldn’t care to be here) but you are also capable of doing this autism life feeling empowered, confident, and recharged.

Join Me for Wonder Woman Autism Mom

One on One Coaching Program

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"Brigitte is transforming our lives! My daughter has gained so much self-esteem and awareness since we’ve been working with her. She is always on point with the direction we need to take in any given scenario. We are so grateful and thankful for her! she gives us hope we never thought possible."

- Sonja Cease

Did you know autism moms are more likely to experience mental health issues than moms with neurotypical kids?

It can be overwhelmingly stressful!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the much-needed support, you can start to release stress, experience more positive feelings than negative, and feel empowered and confident like the Wonder Woman Autism Mom that you are so you can help your child thrive just as you thrive.

Wonder Woman Autism Mom is a private, one-on-one, personalized 4-month coaching program that will help you feel empowered and confident through the autism mom life.

This highly supportive and personalized 4-month program is lead by a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and mom of adult son on the autism spectrum, Brigitte Shipman.  

This program includes:  

Private Coaching Calls - One-on-one sessions with Brigitte--3 sessions per month for 4 months. This is a safe space for you to lay it all out so you can transform your overwhelm into mom super power.

Guided Action Plan - You will be crystal-clear on what the next steps should be.

On-Demand Access - You have access to Brigitte via email anytime you have questions or need support. You don’t have to stay stuck in your overwhelm alone anymore. 

A Wonder Woman Autism Mom Gift Box just for you. What's inside? Superhero Empowering Mom Tools!

Resources based on your individual needs and your child's needs.

Investment for the program: $3,000

Payment Plan Option Available

Starts October 1, 2020

Space is limited. Apply now.

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"Brigitte has given me my power back. She has given me tools that I will use for the rest of my life. When I began her program I needed direction and to gain my confidence back. I now know who I am and what I want once again. I found me! I plan on continuing the one on one coaching program with Brigitte. I am excited to see what I discover next!"

- Jessica Kirby

On This 4-Month Journey You Will Learn:

How to create time for yourself to thrive for your child, How to use your time, How to implement your time plan.

How to manage your stress and fear of what is to come. Getting clear on your fear, Crushing the fear of the future.

How to manage the deep grief of being an autism mom.

How to release the judgment you feel from others that don't understand.

How to refuel your mom empty tank.

I know how it feels to lose my mom super power because I have navigated through overwhelmingly stressful times with my son Joseph.

Autism Mom Coach Brigitte and Joseph

A little bit about my Wonder Woman Autism Mom journey:  

I’m Brigitte Shipman, a mother of an adult son living with autism, former school teacher and director, and Certified Martha Beck Life Coach.

I have been my son’s teacher, advocate, mother guide and a Wonder Woman Autism Mom that leaned into a world he did not understand. A world that did not understand him.

There were so many things I did not understand and there were so many questions. How do I deal with his outbursts and meltdowns? Will he ever speak? Am I doing this right? How do I support him best? I pondered many questions, especially in the early stages of raising my son.

I knew I was Wonder Woman Mom because that’s what we moms are—Wonder Woman. But I didn’t feel anything like it much of the time because I allowed the terror and overwhelm to weaken my super power.

I was all too familiar with the things that weakened my super mom power. I was constantly questioning what I was doing, in terror for my son’s future, and in total martyrdom to make my son’s life better at the cost of my health.

I literally got sick along the way because I didn’t give or allow myself the care and support that I needed on this challenging journey. All the care and support went to my son and his little brother (which I don’t regret).

I somehow made it through with sheer willpower (and compromised health) and I’m happy to report that my son is now 28 years old and works at our local radio station and reports the news, weather, and does a bang-up job on commercial ads. He is thriving. I’m thriving.

Although I wouldn’t change a thing or my son’s diagnosis if I could go back in time, I realize now that I could’ve done what I’ve accomplished without such crippling overwhelm and martyrdom that resulted in illnesses.

If you’re knee-deep in fear, overwhelm, and martyrdom, I want you to know there’s a different way! You can do this autism life with confidence, ease, and grace of Wonder Woman Autism Mom.

Challenges will be there but you can do this with so much more peace within yourself that you’ll feel more confident and in charge as a Wonder Woman Autism Mom that you are.

I want to help you get your power back so that you can feel confident, in charge, full of hope, and enjoy life for yourself and your child.

I want you—The Wonder Woman Autism Mom—to feel resilient and powered up. I’m here to provide the support you need. So let’s start ditching the power weakeners and reclaim your mom super power to live a life as Wonder Woman Autism Mom!

If you are still not certain that Wonder Woman Autism Mom One on One Coaching Program is not going to make you feel more:

Confident & Clear
Recharged to tackle the challenges

Then set up a Q&A call with me

Get your power back as a Wonder Woman Autism Mom that you are. Reclaim your confidence, feel empowered, and thrive together with your child!

Autism mom coach Brigitte and Joseph

Why Me as Your Autism Mom Coach?  

Mother of Adult Son with Autism - I’m an Autism Mom just like you! 28 years of experience has given me a lot of knowledge and tools to share with you. You will receive understanding and compassionate support from me.

Educator - I have 20 years of experience as teacher and program director in the school system. Teaching is second nature to me.

Autism Support Group - I began our first ever autism support group in Mountain Home, Arkansas when my son was 6 years old. I wanted to build support, but also share methods that were working for my son.

School Advocacy - I shared with our school system what tools would benefit not only my son’s learning environment but other children struggling on the spectrum.

Certified Martha Beck Life Coach - My tools for coaching will help you shift your thinking and emotions and get you to a place of ease and joy.