Mother's Guide Through Autism

One-on-one Coaching Program with Brigitte Shipman

Hello Mother Warriors. I see you. I feel you. I know you are experiencing all the roller-coaster emotions of terror, grief, anger, frustration, and overwhelm of having your child being diagnosed with autism. 

You’ve come to the right place if you feel:  

  • Overwhelmed from the challenges of raising a child on the autism spectrum.
  • Stressed out and exhausted.
  • Stuck in grief and anger. 
  • Lost about what to do next.


You love your child so much and want to do everything you can in your power to support your child, but you have to admit, sometimes you feel like you would collapse under the weight of your responsibility.  

You want to be the rock solid advocate and guide for your child and you’re up for the challenge, yet…  

  • You don’t know where to start.
  • You’re frustrated with the lack of support system in the school and the community.
  • You feel isolated and scared.  

Up until this point, you tried to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and forge on even though you felt like you were drowning in overwhelm.  

  • You’ve read books.
  • You watched videos. 
  • You tried to be grateful.
  • You tried to be your own cheerleader.  

You’re doing all you can but still feel like you’re drowning in overwhelm and stress.  

I know exactly how you're feeling because I've been exactly where you are.

A little bit about my journey:  

I’m Brigitte Shipman, a mother of an adult son living with autism, former school teacher and director, and Certified Martha Beck Life Coach.  

I have experienced the roller-coaster emotions of terror, grief, anger, frustration, overwhelm, and so much love for my son when my beautiful boy was diagnosed on the autism spectrum.  

I was my son’s teacher, avocate, mother, and guide into a world he did not understand. A world that did not understand him. So many questions to answer with such little guidance and support.  

I felt like I had no idea how to help him navigate through life. I was his mother and whether I had the answers or not, his quality of life was up to me.  

He was mostly non-verbal, but did have some echolalic speech. He did not answer yes or no questions until he was 6 years old. He was terrified pretty much of everything. He had fears I did not understand like Winnie the Pooh, dogs, or any loud noises. He would throw up every Thanksgiving when we tried to feed him mashed potatoes. He threw tantrums while grocery shopping if I made a wrong turn by accident.  

There were so many things I did not understand and there were so many questions. Why did he paint a logo he saw in a video over and over again? How do I deal with his outbursts? How do I offer tools to others to care for my son? I pondered many questions, especially in the early stages of raising my son.  

It was daunting and overwhelming to care for my son, but I was up for the challenge because I knew my son was a gift and he was not defined by autism or by what others said he would or wouldn’t be able to do in his life. He was unique, intelligent, and was going to be a happy person with purpose.  

So, I rolled up my sleeves and began finding ways to reach him. The key was taking it one step at a time. I found tools to communicate with him. I found ways to relieve him of his tantrums. I discovered ways to alleviate his fears. I discovered that he was experiencing this world from his own beautiful perspective. I found my son. He was always there all along.  

It was me who had to change and meet him somewhere in between our two different worlds. It was about finding tools that worked and building a toolbox. Along the way, I have built great support around my son and myself and found ways to offer myself self-care without guilt.  

My son is now 28 years old and my toolbox is still growing, along with his life skill tools. He now works at our local radio station and reports the news, weather, and does a bang-up job on commercial ads. He is thriving. I’m thriving.  

I want to help you thrive so that you can be the rock solid advocate and guide to your child with autism. I love nothing more than offering you a safe place to heal, discover, and advocate for your child. You can move through grief, fear, anger, frustration, and overwhelm and come out strong for your child and yourself. I want to offer you support and knowledge to do this. I want you—the great mother guide—to be heard and cared for. I am here for you. 

About the Program Name... The program and the name has been inspired by my son Joseph. He is an adult living with autism. They once told me that he might not be able to ever live on his own, attend school in a traditional learning environment, or If he did attend public school, he would be in a self contained classroom away from his peers. He would be confined to an environment that would limit his education, personal growth, and opportunities to function in society. 

This was when inclusion was just being introduced in education. It was also recommended that we drug him so that he could pay better attention if he were to attend school.  

Joseph proved them wrong and now is 27 and working at a local radio station.  

A few days ago, I asked Joseph if he could help me with a name for this program. His first response was “Well, I am blank.” I know by now not to take it personally because he speaks the truth.  

About 10 seconds of silence passed and then he said, “Well, I see a wise old man sitting on a mountain with a long gray beard.” He motioned his hands as if he were stroking the long grey beard. Oh, I said, “That's pretty cool.”  

He then came back with his final reply and said, “Really it's more like you are my tour guide.” You mean in your life? I asked. He said, “Yes, you have shown me how.”  

A tour guide of life. Wow, I thought to myself that’s powerful and a great metaphor. In fact, I have been his tour guide when I needed to redirect him with love, patience, and communication.  

That is how Mother’s Guide came to be. I would also like to add, it has been in the works for the past 28 years of being Joseph’s tour guide. 

Apply to Mother's Guide Now

(Applying doesn't obligate you to commit to the program.) 

You want to feel strong and confident and feel the joy of being a mom to a special child. You want to feel lighter even as you go through the Herculean task of raising your child with autism.  

I’m here to tell you that you can. You can:  

  • Get the joy of parenting back.
  • Be a rock-solid advocate for you child with confidence.
  • Handle difficulties with ease. 
  • Manage your energy better so that you have more energy to tackle challenges as well as enjoy your child.  

I got you. I got your back.  

It’s time to give yourself the support you need so that you can make the greatest impact in your child’s life.  

What if you could:  

  • Release overwhelm and feel happier each day.
  • Feel inspired and empowered instead of drowning in denial and grief.
  • Have someone on your side who knows what you’re going through and can give you the guidance, support, and tools you need.
  • Feel confident to navigate through the system.
  • Be at ease to enjoy your child more.  

With guidance, tools, and support from a caring, knowledgeable Autism Mom like you, these are all possible for you.  

Mother’s Guide Through Autism is a private, one-on-one, personalized 4-month coaching program that will give you a solid foundation of guidance and support so that you can be the best guide and support for your child on the spectrum.  

Are you ready to shift your life from one of stress, overwhelm, and frustration to one of joy, ease, and breakthroughs?  

This highly supportive and personalized 4-month program is lead by a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and mom of adult son on the autism spectrum, Brigitte Shipman.  

This program includes:  

  • Private Coaching Calls - One-on-one sessions with Brigitte--3 sessions per month for 4 months. This is a safe space for you to lay it all out so you can get your questions answered, shift from stress to ease, and gain the tools you need to be a confident advocate and support for your child. 
  • On-Demand Access - You have access to Brigitte via email anytime you have questions or need support. You don’t have to stay stuck in your frustration alone anymore. 
  • Step-by-Step Mother’s Guide - We will craft your step by step mother’s guide together. 

Investment for the program: $3,000

You don’t have to do it alone! It’s time to get the support you need.  

Mother’s Guide Through Autism focuses on these five crucial areas in your journey:  

  • A Safe Place - No more pushing down your feelings. You can share your fears and struggles with a coach who has been in your shoes. 
  • Building Your Support Team - Raising a child on the spectrum is no easy task. You will learn how to create your own support team.
  • Gathering Resources - Knowledge is power. Knowing where to go and how to get things done will empower you and make this journey a little easier. 
  • Stress Management and Self-Care - If you’re run-down and emotionally worn out, you can’t give the support your child needs. You will learn how to take care of yourself without guilt so that you can show up for your child as your best self. 
  • Being a Proactive Advocate - Bridging your child’s world with our world takes some proactive advocacy. You will learn how to navigate through the school system, social dynamic, and your community with confidence. 

Imagine how much lighter and confident you would feel having this kind of personalized, professional support in your journey. 

My expertise:  

  • Mother of Adult Son with Autism - I’m an Autism Mom just like you! 28 years of experience has given me a lot of knowledge and tools to share with you. You will receive understanding and compassionate support from me.
  • Educator - I have 20 years of experience as teacher and director in the school system. Teaching is second nature to me.
  • Autism Support Group - I began our first ever autism support group in Mountain Home, Arkansas when my son was 6 years old. I wanted to build support, but also share methods that were working for my son.
  • School Advocacy - I shared with our school system what tools would benefit not only my son’s learning environment but other children struggling on the spectrum.
  • Certified Martha Beck Life Coach - My tools for coaching will help you shift your thinking and emotions and get you to a place of ease and joy.  

I will support you during the toughest times in your journey. I will take you through the grief, finding answers, and building a toolbox to empower you. I have the expertise and the experience of someone who lived through it all.

By going through this program, you will:  

  • Feel supported and more at ease.
  • Feel energized and ready to tackle challenges.
  • Have the confidence to navigate the system.
  • Experience more joy. 
  • Manage stress better.
  • Learn to care for yourself without guilt.
  • Be a confident advocate for your child.
  • Have the resources to best support your child. 
  • Have a solid support system for your child and yourself.  

Raising a child in the autism spectrum is not easy. That’s why I created this program to support the mothers with a child on the autism spectrum. I want to share my knowledge, expertise, and the tools I picked up, to make this journey easier and more enjoyable for you.  

This program will empower you to be the rock-solid, life-long advocate for your child with autism. I will show you how to take one step at a time and live with more ease and joy as you go through this journey as a mother guide.  

Because I only have a limited number of slots available, this program is open to a select few who are ready to get support and guidance to show up as their best self for their child and themselves.  

Apply now to see if we’re a good match to work together.  

To your journey with love,