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Mother's guide through autism podcast


This podcast was created to inspire, support, and build community for mothers raising children with autism. Brigitte Shipman is the host and creator of this podcast and it has been inspired by her son Joseph who has been living with autism for the last 29 years. Together, Brigitte and Joseph hope to offer mothers of autistic children hope for the future. They will be sharing what they have learned in their journey as well as have inspiring mothers and expert guests on the show to give you knowledge, resources, insights, and inspiration.

Recent Episodes

Mother's Guide Marcelle Ciampi

Brigitte interviews Marcelle Ciampi, a respected autistic author of Everyday Asperger, to talk about her life as a late-age diagnosed woman on the spectrum and her work to promote workplace inclusion.

Mother's Guide Greg Burn

Brigitte interviews Greg Burns who is a system safety engineer in Australia to talk about his recent autism diagnosis in his late 50’s and his experience of living on the spectrum.

Mother's Guide Sandra Kwesell

Brigitte interviews Sandra Kwesell, the founder of the Pillars for Success® parenting program, to talk about the parenting principles that can bring out the positive responses in our children. 

Mother's Guide Patricia Lemer

Brigitte interviews Patricia Lemer, an author of three books including Outsmarting Autism, to talk about transitioning kids on the spectrum into adulthood.

Mother's Guide Episode 65 Madeleine Woolgar

Brigitte interviews Madeleine Woolgar, a speaker and parent coach to talk about how parents can reduce daily battles with their children.

Mother's Guide Martin Silvertant

Brigitte interviews Martin Silvertant, an award-winning graphic designer, co-founder, researcher, and blogger at Embrace Autism to talk about his personal journey of growing up with autism without knowing it and being diagnosed at 25. 

Mother's Guide Siena Castellon

Episode 63:  

The Spectrum Girl’s Survival Guide: How To Grow Up Awesome and Autistic with Siena Castellon

Brigitte interviews Siena, an 18-year-old multi-award-winning neurodiversity advocate and bestselling author, to talk about bullying and how to grow up awesome and autistic.

Mother's Guide Dr. Stephanie Vavilala

Episode 62:  

Sabita Finds Her Voice - One Mom’s Journey to Help Her Autistic Daughter and Others Alike with Dr. Stephanie Vavilala

Brigitte interviews Dr. Stephanie Vavilala, a licensed mental health counselor, the founder of Awetism Wonderland, and a mother of a 9-year-old girl who has autism and is nonverbal.

Mother's Guide 61 Joseph Shipman

Episode 61:  

Things I Learned About Becoming an Adult on the Autism Spectrum with Joseph Shipman

In this special episode of Mother's Guide Through Autism, Brigitte's son Joseph Shipman takes the mic to share what he's learned in the last 29 years of living on the autism spectrum.

Mother's Guide Yenn Purkis

Brigitte interviews Yenn Pukis, an autistic and non-binary author, advocate, public speaker, and community leader, to talk about building resilience for preteens and teens on the autism spectrum. 

Mother's Guide Dr. Robert Melillo

Brigitte interviews Dr. Robert Melillo, the world’s leading expert on neurobehavioral disorders, to talk about the primary issue that is behind many of the neurological disorders.

Mother's Guide Episode 58

Brigitte talks about having and cultivating self-compassion to be more forgiving, loving, compassionate, understanding, and kinder as a human being to ourselves and to others.

Mother's Guide 57

Brigitte shares what her son Joseph wrote on World Autism Awareness Day to bring more awareness and understanding to autism. 

Mother's Guide Episode 56

Brigitte talks about the fear of the future for our children that often shows up strong for mothers of children with autism.

Mother's. Guide Dr. Natalie

Brigitte interviews Dr. Natalie Engelbrecht about her experience of being diagnosed with autism at 48 and her perspective of living with autism.

Mother's Guide Dr. Michelle Trias SC Part 4

Brigitte and Dr. Michelle Trias discuss the importance of sleep and how we can establish a solid sleep routine for our wellbeing.

Mother's Guide Dr. Michelle Trias

Brigitte and Dr. Michelle Trias discuss how our use of social media is causing many of us to have anxiety and depression and what we need to do to counter that.

Mother's Guide Dr. Michelle Trias

Brigitte Shipman and Dr. Michelle Trias discuss how healing the emotional aspects of ourselves is key to healing whatever condition we may have, and how loving ourselves is an important component of that process.

Mother's Guide SC Part 1 Dr. Trias Cover.

Brigitte and Dr. Michelle Trias discuss how chronic stress can contribute to numerous illnesses and the importance of adopting practices to reduce stress in our daily lives as mothers.

Mother's Guide Dr. Sarah Lane

Brigitte interviews Dr. Sarah Lane, a Developmental Optometrist who specializes in working with children who struggle with the development of their visual skills and visual processing abilities.

Mother's Guide Sarah Wayland

Brigitte interviews Sarah Wayland, Certified Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) Consultant, who helps parents learn how to help their children with ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, and other brain-based differences at home, at school, and in the community.

Mother's Guide Dr. Jeni Weis

Brigitte interviews Dr. Jeni Weis about her experience of growing up with her mother and brother both on the autism spectrum.

Mother's Guide Mary Coyle

Brigitte interviews Mary Coyle, an autism mom and homeopath who has been working with individuals with ASD, ADHD, and SPD for over 25 years to help them stimulate the self-healing mechanism.

Mother's Guide Maria Rickert Hong

Brigitte interviews Maria Rickert Hong, Certified Holistic Health Counselor and author of Almost Autism and Brain Under Attack, who has recovered her son from Sensory Processing Disorder.

Mother's Guide Teresa Badillo

Brigitte interviews Teresa Badillo who is a mom of an adult son with autism and a writer for The Autism Exchange and Epidemic Answers about getting to the root of the issues in autism at the biomedical level.

Mother's Guide Joye Newman

Brigitte interviews Joye Newman, author of Growing an In-Sync Child, about the importance of movement for children to become more confident and competent in everything they do.

Mother's Guide Patricia Lemer

Brigitte interviews Patricia Lemer, author of Outsmarting Autism, about the power of vision, which might be the missing link for the structural issues many children and adults with autism have. 

Mother's Guide Dr. Will Cole

Brigitte interviews Dr. Will Cole about the functional medicine approach to autism.

Mother's Guide Carol Stock Kranowitz

Brigitte interviews Carol Stock Kranowitz who is an author of a groundbreaking book The Out-of-Sync Child about Sensory Processing Disorder.

Mother's Guide Dr. Michelle Trias

Brigitte Shipman interviews Dr. Michelle Trias to talk about the importance of self-care for autism moms.

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