Living With Intentions

By Brigitte Shipman | Jan 15 2021. | Autism, Parenting, Intention, New Year, Balance

What is your intentional word for 2021?

As I begin each new year I take some time for myself to create an intentional word to live by for the year. I have done this for the past 5 years and I have noticed that it helps me stay focused on living my life with meaning.

Before this intentional goal setting was part of my start to the New Year, I did what most other people did, which was come up with a New Year’s resolution that faded fast past the month of January each year. I knew I was goal oriented, but without a deeper meaning to my goals it was hard to reach them.

My word this year is balance. The intention behind this word is that although for the most part I am happy, it feels like personally there are pieces missing.

When I was in the thick of finding answers for my son Joseph I lived in chaos. Balance is a word I would never even have considered as my intentional word for a new beginning. I did not think it was possible. It felt like living a balanced happy life was only something I could dream of in the life that I might live 50 years later.

Why balance? I am going through another life transition and this one brings up a little bit of fear but it’s what I have been working towards.

When Joseph was diagnosed with autism my world fell apart. I had no idea what our lives were going to look like in that instant. All my dreams of what would be were crushed. I was lost with no direction. I did not know which way to go. I felt like my world had turned upside down and I was in a foreign land.

No one understood. The language was foreign. The culture was foreign. Nothing made sense to me on any level. This must be how my son Joseph has felt navigating his own life. Yet, he is happy.

My son is going to leave and move 2 hours away very soon. He is creating balance in his life. He has a girlfriend and is applying for work and is determined to move forward in his life. It has taken him some time to find his way and I suspect he will have bumps, maybe even some tsunamis, but he now knows he can figure it out.

I will be living in our home by myself for the first time in my life. I have never lived by myself and this feels exciting, sad, and uncertain. This is a celebration because the time has come for Joseph to live independently, but yet I feel fear.

The balance I am craving is not feeling lonely. Yes, I have friends and family, but when the sun goes down is when I do feel alone. So, I am going to live into balance this year and create a life that feels like I am working hard, but also incorporating fun and celebrations into my life. That is my intention and I am feeling inspired and excited for 2021.

Looking in my rearview mirror of my life I now know I could have had a balanced happy life if I would have had the awareness and tools that I now use in my life. The best news I can share is that I am helping other moms find and implement their own awareness of what they want and crave in their lives.

You may be where I was some 20 years ago and think to yourself that you can barely come up for air in your daily life much less take the time to create an intentional life.

Well, if you are reading this then I have more good news, you do have the time to be happier. I know you are maxed out right now. I still have my days too, but once I take a few small increments of time to give myself space, what I crave in my life comes to me.

So, let’s take a few moments and take a few simple steps towards living your life with intention.

Simple steps towards creating your intentional goals for 2021:

  • Take 3 deep breaths.
  • Imagine that I have a magic wand and I can grant you a wish.
  • What do you wish for in your life for 2021?
  • What are you craving for yourself? Time? Balance? Fun? Sleep?
  • Take 3 deep breaths once again, close your eyes, and answer the 2 questions.
  • Write them down.
  • What is your intentional word for 2021?
  • Write it on a post-it, poster or wherever you will see this word daily.
  • Now, take one small ladybug step towards living this word.
  • Do something kind for yourself.

I am celebrating with you. You just took time out to read this blog, and you did these 10 simple steps. Congratulations, you are on your way!!!! Happy 2021!!!!

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