Come and join us for this super-fun, all-inclusive women's weekend to dream up a fearless life that is full of fun & freedom!

This weekend includes yoga, hiking, nature walks, organic farm to table meals, story time, and vision board to tap into your childhood fun and wonder to rediscover your dreams and move toward living them fearlessly. 

This weekend will help you reconnect to yourself and your dreams in a light and fun way so that you can fearlessly bring your dreams to life with a group of fun-loving, supportive women of all ages. 

Along with your vision board, Certified Martha Beck Life Coach Brigitte Shipman will coach you through your limiting beliefs and blocks so that you can put it all together into fearless action. 

Come and enjoy activities that nourish all facets of your being while you create fun, new memories and cultivate friendship with your self and others.  

There will be guided yoga practices with a Certified Yoga Instructor Kim McDonald to invigorate your mind, body, and soul. 

Come with friends or come alone and make new friends!

This day retreat is for you If you want to:  

  • Reconnect to your childhood fun and wonder.
  • Have fun wih other like-minded women.
  • Rediscover your dreams. 
  • Create a new vision for yourself.
  • Reconnect with your friends or make new ones. 
  • Have a rejuvenating weekend in a beautiful setting.  
  • Live fearlessly with fun & freedom!
  • Enjoy yoga and outdoor activities. 
  • Enjoy catered meals

This day retreat includes:

  • Guided yogs practices. 
  • A gathering of like-minded women to support and encourage each other.
  • Fun activities in nature to get your body moving
  • Beautiful surroundings in nature to fill you up with inspiration. 
  • Vision Board
  • Story times 
  • Group Coaching
  • Organic farm to table meals
  • A safe place to share your dreams and vision.  

After coming to our retreat, you will:  

  • Feel energized and free.
  • Feel recharged and inspired.
  • Be excited about what’s ahead.
  • Feel connected to yourself and the fellow participants. 
  • Come away with a new vision for yourself and your life.
  • Be equipped with tools to take action toward your dreams. 
  • Feel nourished and rested.
Brigitte and Kim


When: Friday, March 6 - Sunday, March 8  

Where: Lodge Between the Lakes, Mountain Home, AR 

Facilitators: Certified Martha Beck Life Coach Brigitte Shipman and Certified Yoga Instructor Kim McDonald  

Investment (All-Inclusive): $599

Yes, Sign Me Up!

Want to add an extra day to relax and unwind? Sign up for the Early Bird Getaway! 

Optional Early Bird Getaway:

Thursday March 5, 2020 (Begins at noon) - Sunday, March 8, 2020 Meals on your own for Thursday (Happy Hour and snacks provided) Investment (All-Inclusive): $699 - Come and relax and enjoy the lodge accommodations alone or with your friends who are experiencing the Fun, Freedom and Fearless Weekend. Come and live fearlessly with fun and freedom! You deserve it!  

Questions? Call 870-404-3468.