9. Top 5 Things I Wish I Would've Known Raising My Son with Autism

By Brigitte Shipman

brigitte shipman coach autism mom

From my 27-year experience of raising m son with autism, I bring you the 5 most important lessons I have learned in my journey. I've had my share of freaking out, being stressed out, and not knowing what to do, and by sharing my wisdom, I hope to alleviate any fear and undue stress mothers out there might be experiencing right now.  

I share how I spent most of my life making life harder than it needs to be. I'm a pro at freaking out. When my son Joseph was 3, I was spinning frantically trying to find a way to save him so that he would be able to live a happy life without me one day. “How was I going to save him NOW?!”  

But I've acquired tools to live in peace and letting go of what I think life should look like rather than what life is.  

I also talk about how I thought I had to be fighting for my son 24/7, didn’t take a breath, didn’t enjoy most things, and didn’t sleep very good for years. I now realize that I had a belief that If I wasn’t living like that, if I didn’t feel like that, then I wasn’t doing enough for my son. It was a belief that just wasn't true.  

Now, I advocate self-care without guilt for mothers out there. I emphasize how important it is to find the time to care for yourself. When we are stressed, our kids are stressed. Find the time for yourself. That's my message.  

Tune in to this episode and learn from the 5 heartfelt lessons I share.  

Enjoy the show! 

Key concepts from this episode:

- It's going to be okay. What feels like a life sentence in one moment can turn into a feeling of winning the lottery. If I could go back and change my son’s diagnosis I would honestly say no. He has brought lessons of value to the world in every breath he takes. 

- Accept life as is. You can acquire tools to live in peace and letting go of what you think life should look like rather than what life is. 

- Meeting yourself where you are. You don't have to have all the answers. You can enjoy your child and your life so much more if you can be more present and allow yourself to be where you are.  

- Manage stress and fear. It is so important to find the time to care for yourself. Be kind to yourself. 

- Live with gratitude. When you can connect back to your gratitude no matter how difficult life may be, you can start to live in peace knowing all will be well.

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