8. Dealing with Confusion of Reading Social Cues and Other Pains of Growing Up with Autism - Joseph Shipman

By Brigitte Shipman

Joseph and Brigitte Mother's Guide Podcast

Pain is universal and we all have to deal with it whether you're on the spectrum or not. Talking about pain is not an easy thing to do but we can make the most profound and deep connection with others when we open ourselves up to talk about it.  

Brigitte and her son Joseph talk about the pain Joseph experienced growing up with autism. Joseph talks about some of the difficulties of reading social cues and the resulting rejections he experienced, and how confusing it was to socially interact with others.  

Joseph also talks about how he dealt with grief when he lost his father and how meditation and Buddhist principles helped him to deal with the pain of life and stay tranquil when the going gets tough.  

Enjoy the show!

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