67. 3 Reasons for Challenging and Defiant Behaviors with Sandra Kwesell

By Brigitte Shipman

Mother's Guide Sandra Kwesell

In this week’s episode, I interview Sandra Kwesell, a child development expert and the founder of the Pillars for Success® parenting program, to talk about the parenting principles that can bring out the positive responses in our children. 

Sandra has worked with children and families in just about every setting on Earth, ranging from preschools and public schools to day treatment and residential settings, to youth prisons and everywhere in between. 

She has degrees in Elementary Ed., Special Ed., and Counseling and has combined her knowledge and experience to create the Pillars for Success® parenting program, designed to empower and support families with the insights, rules, and tools to move from a journey of heartache and frustration to a journey of solutions and celebration.

Sandra shares the tragic story of her brother’s suicide at a young age which lead her to pursue a career in human health and development. This devastating and shocking event has pushed her to dedicate her career to help in any way to prevent similar tragedies from happening in other families. 

With over decades of research and experience in education and counseling, Sandra has developed her parenting program based on effective parenting principles she discovered. 

She talks about 3 major reasons why challenging and defiant behaviors occur in our children and explains that in almost all cases, children are trying to satisfy the needs of these 3 categories. 

She goes over the principles and concepts behind the Pillars for Success® parenting program that can give us a better understanding of our children’s challenging behaviors and how we can empower ourselves to support our children’s needs. 

Enjoy this episode!

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