6. Patience Goes a Long Way - Joseph Shipman

By Brigitte Shipman

Joseph and Brigitte Mother's Guide Podcast

In this episode of Mother’s Guide Through Autism, my son Joseph an I have a discussion about what Block Therapy and Fost Forward Therapy were like for him. Joseph shares what he remembers of his experience.  

Joseph also shares how deviation from a routine in his childhood felt like a computer crashing and how crucial it was to hear me say she was proud of him.  

Joseph and I talk about the importance of transition time and how patience is key in raising a child with autism. 

Enjoy the show!


AIT (Auditory Processing Therapy) - https://www.aithelps.comaitinstiture.org</a>

Fast Forward: Fast Forward Home website - http://www.fastforwordhome.com/ Scientific Learning website - http://www.scilearn.com  

Wilbarger Therapeutic Pressure Brush - https://www.autismcommunitystore.com/wilbarger-therapeutic-pressure-brush  

Block Therapy: To remind when we did this therapy with Joseph it was experimental. The only resource we had at that time was a Neurologist who did brain injury research. There is no exact method that we did that I could find a website for this therapy. This is recent research to take a look at today: Neuroptimize - Reward, Strengthen, Rebuild - neuroptimizeco.com  

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