56. Don't Let Fear of the Future Sap Your Energy

By Brigitte Shipman

Brigitte Shipman autism mom coach

In this week's episode, I talk about the fear of the future for our children that often shows up strong for mothers of children with autism.

I am no stranger to fearful thoughts that weighed me down like a bag of rocks for decades. My fearful thoughts ranged from "What if my son never talks?" to "He will never find love," to "What would happen to my son when I’m gone?" and many more.

To alleviate the fear of "What would happen to my son when I’m gone?" I had told myself, "I have to make sure I don’t die until I know my boys will be okay."

Fear was taking up so much of my energy that I didn't have much energy left.

The truth is, I knew I had no control over what our future was going to be but I still carried the heavyweight of fear for decades.

Later, as Joseph got older, I was able to see that he could be independent one day and the regrets came over me. What if I could’ve seen that possibility back when he was 3? What if I could’ve seen into the future and just realize that he was going to be okay?

I now know that I could've been more present if I wasn't so occupied by my fear and wish that I had a way to shift my fear the way I am able to now.

I share my practice of calming my fear and urge you to take up this daily practice to shift your own fear of the future for your child.

Enjoy this episode!

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