54. Self-Compassion Series with Dr. Michelle Trias - Part 4:
Give Yourself the Sleep You Need

By Brigitte Shipman

Mother's Guide Dr. Michelle Trias

In this fourth and final installment of the 4-part series Self Compassion, Dr. Michelle Trias and I discuss the importance of sleep and how we can establish a solid sleep routine for our wellbeing.

Dr. Michelle explains that during sleep, your brain stores new information and get rid of toxic waste, your body repairs cells, restores energy, and releases molecules like hormones and proteins, and you get a boost in your immune system so you get sick less often and have more energy throughout the day. 

Dr. Michelles also says that sleep is a vital player in your ability to regulate hormones that control appetite and metabolism as well as to lower your stress and improve your mood, and to help you focus and think more creatively.

Dr. Michelle and I talk about the importance of getting into a good sleep routine, which can set you up for a great night’s sleep, which can set you up for a great morning, and therefore set you up for a great day.

We offer some Do's and Don'ts before bedtime and tips on how to go back to sleep should you wake up in the middle of the night.

Enjoy this episode!

Dr. Michelle Trias is a graduate from the University of Central Florida and completed her Doctorate in traditional naturopathy from the New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal studies. Whether it's digestive discomfort, skin conditions, cholesterol, or fatigue, natural foods and herbs are the way back to better health. Dr. Michelle is on a mission to help you heal your gut and help you take control of your health and wellness.

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