47. Toxic Factor in Autism and Working with Homotoxicology with Mary Coyle

By Brigitte Shipman

Mother's Guide Mary Coyle

In this week's insightful and informative episode, I interview Mary Coyle, an autism mom and homeopath who has been working with individuals with ASD, ADHD, and SPD for over 25 years to help them stimulate the self-healing mechanism.

Mary began her journey into health when her 2-year-old son was constipated and fretful and started having recurring ear infections and was put on an antibiotic repeatedly.

Shortly after that, he started losing eye contact, stopped waving and looking, and was diagnosed with ASD. He also had terrible rashes, temper tantrums, and throwups.

After making some progress with some protocols but not satisfied with the results, Mary started to wonder about the connection between toxicity and autism.

Mary was at the time working in the chemical industry and was exposed to a lot of heavy metals and chemicals and was also at a lot of construction sites. She then started reading a book on toxicology on what happens when people are exposed to too much pesticides or heavy metals. 

She realized that her son had the same exact symptoms as people who were exposed to too much toxins--IQ decrement, behavioral issues, sleep problems, mood issues, cognitive decline, picky eating, pale skin, circles under the eyes. She decided to take the word autism out and replace it with the word toxicity.

She then started to put her son on a homeopathic detoxifying program and saw incredible results and she ended up becoming a homeopath because a lot of parents called her up to find out what she was doing.

Mary explains that the homepathic detoxifying program helps mitochondria function better so that the body can repair itself. She also talks about the connection between under-functioning mitochondria and microbial overgrowth that can be prevalent in our kids.

She goes on to explain the philosophy of Homotoxicology which uses "like cures like" to move toxins out from the body while supporting the functioning of the body.

She shares some success stories of her clients who started developing expressive language after being on her protocol, and reminds parents to never give up. She says to keep finding methods to destress them and keep encouraging rehab and allowing them to be the best that they can be.

"I'm looking forward to the day when we can celebrate these sentient beings and honor them with the gifts that they have. And they should be leading us, not us leading them with how the future of the world should go," Mary tells us wisely.

Enjoy this episode!

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