41. Out-of-Sync to In-Sync Child: What You Should Know About SPD with Carol Stock Kranowitz

By Brigitte Shipman

Mother's Guide Carol Stock Kranowitz

In this week's highly informative episode, I interview Carol Stock Kranowitz who is an author of a groundbreaking book The Out-of-Sync Child about Sensory Processing Disorder.

We discuss what Sensory Processing Disorder is, how it affects children in different ways, and which therapies can help them manage their sensory issues.

Carol, a former teacher, introduced Sensory Processing Disorder to parents and educators around the world through her “Sync” series books. Carol speaks internationally about SPD's effect on learning and behavior and how families, teachers, and professionals can offer “In-Sync” experiences to support children and adolescents — at home, at school, and out and about.

She shares her unexpected journey of becoming an expert on SPD while she was working as a movement teacher at her sons’ preschool and observing kids who seemed to be "out of sync."

She worked closely with the occupational therapist who came to give a workshop at the school and started organizing the information she received to help herself and her colleagues about sensory issues, which she later turned into her first book The Out-of-Sync Child.

Carol breaks down the 8 sensory systems and tells us how sensory processing issues can affect children in many different ways. She shares with us some examples of over-responsivity, under-responsivity, sensory craving, and the combination of all. She says that there are more than 29 million ways people can exhibit sensory processing disorder.

She talks about the therapies parents should look into to help their kids manage their sensory issues as well as activities they can do at home.

Finally, Carol offers parents the most important thing to remember about SPD.

Enjoy this episode!

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