37. Know Your Child's Sensory Needs with Sarah Kennedy

By Brigitte Shipman

Mother's Guide Sarah Kennedy

In this week's informative episode, I interview Sarah Kennedy who is a certified life coach for parents and supporters of LGBTQIA+ youth as well as an occupational therapist specializing in sensory integration.

In addition to having two children on the autism spectrum, Sarah herself was diagnosed with autism as an adult and has sensory processing challenges and brings a unique lens to the individual experiences we each have within the world.

She works with many parents to help them create a suitable home sensory environment for their children on the spectrum or with sensory challenges.

She offers some strategies to implement at home as many parents are homeschooling during these challenging times. She encourages parents to take care of themselves first and then try to identify if their child is a sensory seeker or a sensory avoider. That would in turn help them to find ways to help their child regulate their sensory processing.

She reminds us to know that our child is perfect for this world and there is a hole in this world exactly the size of our child that our child is going to fit and that their purpose is so amazing.

Enjoy this episode!

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