31. 3 Mom Guilt Myths You Need to Debunk with Madeleine Woolgar

By Brigitte Shipman

Mother's Guide Madeleine Woolgar

In this week's wonderfully enlightening episode, I interview Madeleine Woolgar, a speaker and coach, who helps moms go from burned-out to energized and clear.

Madeleine began to work with families over ten years ago and has worked internationally in home-based play therapy programs. While having the honor of living with these tenacious, loving families, she saw that the best way to help these children was to support the parents (who are doing so much supporting themselves).

Madeleine empowers and supports parents through both mindset work and self-care so that they are really able to be deeply loving and effective in helping their child.

Her work has been focused on shifting the moms' mindset so they can go from guilt-ridden and stressed out to creative and clear-thinking and become better able to take care of all that they need to for their child.

She talks about how much of their mindset can contribute to draining their energy or creating more energy and how guilt can play a huge role in moms feeling burned out.

She reveals 3 common "Mom Guilt Myths" that you are likely engaged in and how they can sabotage your wellbeing and lead to burnout, and shares a new mindset that you can implement instead so that you can feel clear and revitalized.

She emphasizes the importance of giving ourselves grace and allowing ourselves to be human and practicing the new mindset.

Listen to this episode and start shifting your mindset so you can be your most loving, revitalized self to your child.


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