30. Is Music Therapy Right for Your Child? with Marissa Scott

By Brigitte Shipman

Mother's Guide Marissa Scott

In this week's episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Marissa Scott who is a Board Certified Music Therapist, Certified Labor Doula, Owner & Executive Director at The Sonatina Center for Creative Arts Therapy in New Hampshire.

Marissa shares her journey of becoming a music therapist after realizing that she could combine her love of music with working with children with special needs.

She has ten years of experience working with clients with Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Expressive Language Disorders, Sensory Processing Disorders, and more.

She specializes in helping infants and young children of all abilities build communication, social, motor, and cognitive skills necessary to thrive through music and play..

We discuss why music therapy might be very effective for children with autism for a wide range of benefits that include enhanced motor skills, social/emotional development, expressive and receptive communication, and cognitive/sensory behavioral improvement.

Marissa also offers simple tips you can incorporate at home such as adding a melody to social stories and playing music that matches your desired atmosphere to soothe or energize your child.

Tune in to this informative episode and see if music therapy might be beneficial for your child.


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