28. How to Use Self-Compassion to Work Through Judgment from Others

By Brigitte Shipman

brigitte shipman coach autism mom

In this week's episode, I talk about the difficulty of dealing with judgment from others and how to use self-compassion to work through it.

I know from my own experience and hearing from other mother guides that judgment is something you deal with on a regular basis. You might feel it at the supermarket when your child is having a tantrum or from a friend or family member at a gathering or at a restaurant. I've been there and it's hard.

It's hard enough to deal with the daily challenges of raising a child with autism but add the judgmental stares at the supermarket, stress mounts even more for mother guides.

That's why I want to help you incorporate the practices of self-compassion so that you can soften the judgment you feel from others and feel more grounded and calm even when you're going through tough times.

Tune in and learn how to start incorporating self-compassion into your daily life. You'll thank yourself for it.


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