27. Equine Therapy to Empower Your Child and Yourself with Kristy Newstrom

By Brigitte Shipman

Kristy Mother's Guide Episode

In this week's inspiring episode, I interview Kristy Newstrom who offers therapeutic riding for children and adults with special needs (or functional diversity) and is a founder of Divine Equine Assisted Therapy Center and PATH certified instructor.

Kristy shares her deep passion for working with horses and children with functional diversity. She has worked professionally with children for 20+ years earning the nickname, "The Child Whisperer" and now offers Equine Assisted Therapy to improve human physical, mental, and emotional health.

She talks about why Equine Assisted Therapy is so effective with children with autism and how movement in general (in this case the horse) can help turn off a meltdown within 30 seconds.

She tears up speaking about how wonderful it is to witness the magic that unfolds when functionally diverse children start working with horses. She loves how horses meet the child where he or she is and provide acceptance and a safe place to be himself.

Kristy also passionately speaks about the importance of functional diversity, acceptance, and inclusion. She created her non-profit Divine Equine Assisted Therapy Center in Santa Cruz to provide a space to empower people through experience with horses as well as a place of acceptance and belonging for all people.

Tune in to find out more about Equine Therapy and be inspired for what's possible for your child.


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