24. Get Moving to Have Better Moods and Focus with Your Kids

By Brigitte Shipman

brigitte shipman coach autism mom

In this week's episode, I give you tools to move through the resistance that you may be having to exercise so that you can have better moods, better focus, better attention span, and better care for your child during this uncertain time.

We all know exercise is good for us but it's so easy for us to sit on a couch, eat potato chips, and binge-watch Netflix when we're feeling stressed at a time like we're experiencing now with the pandemic.

It’s especially hard for you moms out there to find the time to move when you’re taking care of your child with autism so I offer you a couple of tools to overcome the obstacles so that you can actually start moving and gain the benefits of exercise.

I talk about the importance of finding what you love, being where you are at, and sometimes just simply showing up.

Being a fitness instructor and life coach, I know a thing or two about working through resistance and I want to share my tips and tools with you.

Tune in and get excited to move for yourself and your child!


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