23. Use These Mindfulness Tools to Stay Calm and Release Anxiety

By Brigitte Shipman

brigitte shipman coach autism mom

In this week's episode, I share 3 simple but powerful tools to help you stay calm and release anxiety during these uncertain times of Coronavirus.

Living through this time of Coronavirus pandemic is challenging for all of us but it is even more difficult and challenging for mothers raising children with autism.

Life was already pretty challenging for autism moms and now there's an added stress of homeschooling a child who doesn't quite understand what's going on.

I offer you 3 super simple but powerful tools to help you reduce stress and overwhelm, feel confident and lighter so that you can be the solid rock and show up for your child strong and fully present.

I talk about the importance of "giving yourself oxygen" first by taking care of yourself so that you can help your child the best way you can.

Tune in and learn these tools to use in your daily life so that you can start feeling better right away!


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