21. Transcending the Pain & Suffering of Autism

with Lisa Joyce Goes

By Brigitte Shipman

Mother's Guide Episode Lisa Joyce Goes

In this week's heartwarming episode, I interview Lisa Joyce Goes who is an autism mom, editor, and writer for The Thinking Moms' Revolution and The Age of Autism.

Lisa Joyce Goes is the mom of three wildly gifted children Mads, Noah, and Liam. Noah was diagnosed with autism in 2008.

Noah was nonverbal for quite a while and didn’t potty train until he was 7. Noah also had terrible rashes all over his body as well as up to 20 diarrhea filled diapers a day. His body was on fire and was uncomfortable and a lot of his behaviors had so much to do with his metabolic, gastrointestinal, and methylation issues that needed to be addressed.

Noah, now in puberty, is doing much better and greets Lisa in the morning with "Good morning, Princess" which brings Lisa so much joy.

Lisa candidly talks about the feeling of isolation, emotional eating, and the pain and suffering that resulted from the autism diagnosis and the end of her marriage. She was angry, reactive, and heartbroken.

At one point during a neurofeedback session, Lisa was asked if she had been a soldier because her brain scan showed signs of PTSD. She answered, "No, I'm an autism mom."

Lisa and I also talk about judgment autism moms experience from other people who don't understand autism and the importance of educating others and doing advocacy work.

Lisa says that challenges are real and difficult but she considers Noah 110% a blessing.

Lisa urges other autism moms listening out there to be as compassionate with themselves as they would with their closest friend or their children.

Tune in to this heartwarming episode and be filled with hope and solidarity.


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