3: Joseph Waking Up

By Brigitte Shipman

brigitte shipman coach autism mom

This episode will take you through one of the early therapies that I found on my journey of becoming Joseph’s expert advocate. Although there are therapies being offered that are found to be inconclusive, they may just work. I tells my story of what I documented and how Auditory Integration Training began waking my son Joseph up.

Enjoy the show!


Book: Learning To Dance In The Rain: Melanie Bennett  

AIT (Auditory Processing Therapy) - https://www.aithelps.com https://www.aitinstiture.org

Fast Forward: Fast Forward Home website - http://www.fastforwordhome.com/ Scientific Learning website - http://www.scilearn.com  

Wilbarger Therapeutic Pressure Brush - https://www.autismcommunitystore.com/wilbarger-therapeutic-pressure-brush  

Block Therapy: To remind when we did this therapy with Joseph it was experimental. The only resource we had at that time was a Neurologist who did brain injury research. There is no exact method that we did that I could find a website for this therapy. This is recent research to take a look at today: Neuroptimize - Reward, Strengthen, Rebuild - neuroptimizeco.com  

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