18. Musical Learning for Kids with Autism to Promote Essential Skills - Marcela Guimoye

By Brigitte Shipman

Mother's Guide Episode 18 Marcela

In this episode of Mother's Guide Through Autism, I interview Marcela Guimoye, an autism mom and founder and executive director of EndlessBrain.  

EndlessBrain is a not-for-profit organization that serves the special needs children and offers them musical learning opportunities to promote essential skills, self-esteem, and inclusion.  

Marcela created EndlessBrain a few years ago after successfully implementing therapies that included musical learning, ABA, and mindfulness to her daughter Camila who was nonverbal until age 6.  

Camila was diagnosed with autism at age 2.5 and had intense behavior problems including self-injury and was told by her pediatrician that she may never be able to hold a job or be independent.  

After much research around the country for possible treatment for Camila, Marcela began implementing a home-based therapy program utilizing various modalities.  

Within a year, Camila went from hitting her head on the floor, scratching and biting herself about 30 times per hour to saying “I want juice” for the first time.  

After seeing the improvements Camila made through music, Marcela wanted to provide an opportunity for musical learning to other children with autism, and she founded EndlessBrain which offers free summer music camp and after school programs in Naples, Florida.  

Marcela talks about the importance of giving our children with autism an outlet for expression such as music, dance, and art. She also encourages parents to incorporate mindfulness into their children's learning and their daily life.  

Marcela works as an independent healthcare consultant and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration and a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis.  

Marcela is a life-long musician and she is currently working on completing her debut album.  

Tune in to this inspiring episode and find out how musical learning can benefit your child with autism.  


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