17. Reduce Stress for Your Child on the Spectrum with Routines with Joseph Shipman

By Brigitte Shipman

Mother's Guide Episode 17

In this week's episode, I continue the conversation on stress management with my son Joseph Shipman. Joseph shares his perspective on how he experienced stress growing up with autism and as an adult living with autism.  

I share my memory of how easily Joseph got overly stimulated and cried constantly as a child. I recall creating a cassette recording of the white noise that the vacuum cleaner produced to soothe and calm Joseph when he was crying.  

As a child on the spectrum, the world was full of external stimuli that were extremely stress-inducing and fear-provoking for Joseph. Joseph shares how deviating from routines was often a big trigger for him to experience stress and fear.  

We discussed the importance of keeping solid routines but also of introducing the child on the spectrum new experiences so they can "file" them away in their brain to refer back to in the future.  

Joseph also shares how mindfulness practices have helped him manage stress as an adult and suggests introducing them to autistic children and their moms to manage their stress.  

Enjoy the show!

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