16. Self-Care Is NOT a Waste of Time--Be Your Best for Your Child by Taking Care of Yourself

By Brigitte Shipman

brigitte shipman coach autism mom

In this episode of Mother's Guide Through Autism, I offer my top three stress management tools. I take you through these tools and teache you how to apply them into your daily life. You will learn how to feel lighter even on your most stressful days.  

I share how I used to think that self-care was a waste of time and I simply did not have the time for it. My priority was to take care of everything else and everyone else first. I went on fine for a while but then this way of being eventually caught up with me.  

I thought I was being a good mom because I was putting my children first. I thought I was being a good wife because I was putting my husband first. I put my job first, my family first, everything before myself.  

Stress was mounting with a rocky marriage, shaky finances, work, and raising a child with autism.  

I didn’t manage stress well at all. In fact, I didn’t manage it and I paid for it with my health. My thyroid stopped functioning and I ended up in the hospital with a diabetic coma. And on another occasion, I broke out in hives from head to toes.  

I had many signs along the way that things needed to change but I did not make those changes. My body kept talking to me but it was when it was finally screaming at the top of its lungs that I started making some changes.  

I urge you mother guides to not wait till your health breaks down but to start taking care of yourself now.  

You can be outstanding mother guides, warriors, advocates without the expense of your health and without the expense of not taking care of yourself.  

I share 3 simple tools you can start using today to start taking better care of yourself so you can be your best for your child and yourself.  

Tune in now to find out how these simple tools can help you today.

Enjoy the show!

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