14. My Son Is Not a Tragedy: Miracles that Autism Helped Us to See with Tulika Prasad

By Brigitte Shipman

Mother's Guide Podcast Tulika Prasad

In this powerfully moving episode, Tulika Prasad shares her journey of raising her 10-year old son Vedant who is severely speech delayed and non-verbal, and how his autism has made her a better human being and appreciate many more things in life.  

Tulika is a blogger at Braindroplets.com and a contributing writer for the Autism Parenting Magazine. She is a passionate advocate for individuals with different abilities in general and autism in particular.  

Tulika shares her beautiful journey of moving from “fixing” to accepting and appreciating her son Vedant just as he is.  

A few years after his diagnosis, she realized, he did not need fixing but she did and the world around him did, as the world is anxious around people who are different and that we have to be more inclusive and appreciate difference rather than being scared of it.  

Tulika’s son’s autism has totally changed her. What she now wants from her life is so different from what she wanted a few years back. Little things she had not noticed earlier—like her son enjoying the wind on his face—gives her joy right now.  

“It’s like miracles happening right in front of our eyes,” Tulika explains.  

Every once in a while, frustration would creep into Tulika and she feels very defeated but one look at her son and how happy and content he seems—that smile, that laughter, that playfulness, and that extraordinary courage to get up each day and navigate the world, the fight of the sensory overloads—that challenges her to fight for him every day and stand up for him, advocate for him, and do what she does every day no matter what for him and many more like him.  

Tulika shares her powerful insight and lessons form her life, including “Top 8 Mistakes She Made as a Mom of a Child with Autism.”  

Tulika tells all the autism mothers out there, “Enjoy your child. Also, be kind to yourself. You’re doing more than enough so be kind to yourself. Love your child and love yourself.”  

Tune in to this beautiful episode and be powerfully moved!

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