11. 5 Things I'm GLAD I Knew Raising My Son with Autism

By Brigitte Shipman

brigitte shipman coach autism mom

In this episode of Mother’s Guide Through Autism Podcast, I discuss the 5 things I'm glad that I knew raising my son Joseph with autism.  

I discuss each of the 5 life lessons that I applied in my own experience of raising Joseph. I explain how I followed my inner mother's voice to help guide me in every situation I encountered.  

I share the story of following my intuition and saying no when I was advised to drug my son in order to enroll him in regular kindergarten. I gently and firmly persisted in my intuition and was able to enroll Joseph and get the support of the teachers in the end.  

I also recount the story of walking Joseph through his fear of getting on the plane by staying calm, reassuring him, and reminding him of times that he got through his fears. Even when I was doubtful and unsure, I guided Joseph (and myself) by being grounded in courage and love.  

Tune in and see how you can use my 5 lessons in your own life. 

Enjoy the show!

Key concepts from this episode:

- Listen to your mother guide intuition. You know your child better than any experts. 

- When fear creeps in, find a quiet place and be still, and you will know what to do even if it’s the smallest step forward.  

- Be the expert of your child and get the support you need from others by providing them the information they need to understand your child’s needs.  

- Stay grounded in courage and love when your child is afaid.  

- Let go. Learn to let go and manage stress.

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