Upside Down to Bright Side Up

6-Week Group Coaching Program for Autism Moms to Transform Grief, Fear, and Overwhelm into Joy, Gratitude, and Celebration


Upside Down to Bright Side Up

6-Week Group Coaching Program for Autism Moms to Transform Grief, Fear, and Overwhelm into Joy, Gratitude, and Celebration

Brigitte Shipman Autism Mom Coach

Do you feel unbearable pain in your heart from the diagnosis of your child’s autism?

Are you grief stricken for the life your child will never have?

Are you in constant fear of what the future may hold for your child?

Do you struggle to manage your life as a wife, friend, working-mom, and a mother of an autistic child?

Do you feel physically and emotionally drained because you put everyone and everything before you at the cost of yourself?

Do you struggle to navigate your life, your family life, and your child’s life through the autism journey?

Do you feel isolated and alone because people around you don't seem to understand your pain and struggles?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, this program is for you.

Motherhood is a cause for joy and celebration but when a mother receives the devastating news of her child’s autism, her world shatters and her heart breaks into pieces. 

Her heart aches in pain. Grief strikes for the life her child will never have—a life that’s not perfect but perhaps simpler where they don’t have to constantly struggle for functions, and independence is not a question of if but when.

A whirlwind of emotions hit like a storm. She feels guilt because she feels like she somehow allowed this to happen to her child. She feels exhausted and it still feels like she’s not doing enough. She feels shame because people judge her for being a bad parent. She feels alone because even her own family doesn’t seem to understand what it is like to care for a child with autism. Confusion, fear, worry, anxiety, grief, they all weigh down on her like a heavy burden. 

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. I know because I’ve been there. And countless other mothers are going through what you’re going through.

As difficult as it may be right now for you, I’m here to tell you that you can transform the pain, grief, shame, guilt, fear, worry into joy, gratitude, and celebration even as you go through the challenges of raising a child with autism.

 Even on our most challenging days there are reasons to celebrate.

We can live from our grateful hearts, notice the joyful moments, laugh, and make lemonade out of our beautiful bright yellow lemons.

Nothing prepares you for an autism mom life and our society does not offer a map on how to move through difficult emotions and navigate the journey of autism.

I want to provide a roadmap for you to navigate it.

No one is meant to do this alone. No mother should navigate the autism mom life without the support of other caring and understanding autism moms. We are not meant to do this alone.

I will guide you through the process of moving through grief, fear, and overwhelm and help you get to the other side where you can begin to see the light of hope, possibility, and your child’s gifts.

I’m not saying that this journey will be easy without struggles but I can assure you that you can, even through difficulties, connect back to your mother’s joy deeply, laugh more, enjoy and appreciate each moment of your life, and celebrate the gifts of life even with the challenging task of raising a child with autism.

This is a safe and intimate space where you can unload your heavy emotions that are weighing you down and heal your heart so you can move forward with joy and hope.

This is for an intimate group of autism moms who will cry and laugh alongside you and celebrate the beautiful life you are creating for you and your child.

Let's do this together.

When you sign up for this program you will receive:
(A $997 Value)

  • Weekly videos that will offer additional insight and information on that week’s topic and exercises that will help you create a positive shift in your mind and heart.
  • 6 group coaching calls where you will have the chance to ask your questions and get coached by me and hear other moms' struggles and share your own. All calls are recorded and your questions will be answered regardless of whether or not you can attend the calls.
  • Access to a closely moderated and private forum. You can connect with a supportive community of autism moms where people feel safe to be vulnerable and share their thoughts and feelings.
  • Lifetime access to all of the materials.

You will have immediate access to the program materials when you sign up.

Plus These Bonuses:

Your Investment: $295

Are you ready to transform your grief, fear, and overwhelm into joy, gratitude, and celebration? If so, take my hand, and let’s begin.

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"Working with Brigitte has been a very rewarding experience. I originally contacted her for my daughter hoping that having another mom of an autistic child would prove to be a valuable resource for my daughter. Brigitte definitely was. I was pleasantly surprised that Brigitte was also a valuable resource for me. She guided both of us through our life problems and helped us grow and become the mothers and women we wanted to be. My only regret is that I did not experience this when I was younger. I think my life would have been so much simpler. The peace and purpose I have now is due to my time spent with Brigitte and this program. She is amazing."

- Pam Cash

Lesson Overview

Lesson 1: Welcome, Overview & How to Work with Heavy Emotions that Come with Being an Autism Mom

You’ll learn how to get in touch with your pain in a safe place to feel, express, and release so you can feel lighter and be ready to tackle the challenges of the autism journey.

1. Lesson video on how to work with heavy emotions
2. PDF guide on emotions
3. Exercise: working with emotions including fear, grief, sadness
4. Group coaching call (Tuesday, April 6 at 1pm Eastern/12pm Central/10am Pacific)

Lesson 2: Empowering Your Thoughts

We'll go through fearful and worrisome thoughts that often circulate in autism mom's head. You'll learn how to catch the thoughts that are not serving you and keeping you stuck in fear and paralysis and replace them with empowering thoughts that will make this journey easier.

1. Lesson video on how to work with your thoughts
2. PDF guide
3. Exercise: working with your thoughts
4. Group coaching call (Tuesday, April 13 at 1pm Eastern/12pm Central/10am Pacific)

Lesson 3: Asking for Help Without Guilt

We'll examine guilt and other things that might be causing you to not seek the help you need so that you can release them and learn to get the support you need.

1. Lesson video on how to get support
2. PDF guide
3. Exercise: releasing guilt and asking for help you need.
4. Group coaching call (Tuesday, April 20 at 1pm Eastern/12pm Central/10am Pacific)

Lesson 4: Self-Compassion for Your Autism Mom Soul

You'll learn how to have self-compassion for the struggles you face each day as an autism mom.

1. Lesson video on how to have self-compassion
2. PDF guide
3. Exercise: practice having self-compassion each day
4. Group coaching call (Tuesday, April 27 at 1pm Eastern/12pm Central/10am Pacific)

Lesson 5: Creating Guilt-Free Me Time

We'll go over the roadblocks to getting your much-needed me time and I'll show you how to carve out the rejuvenating, guilt-free me time just for you.

1. Lesson video on how to carve out time just for you
2. PDF guide
3. Exercise: creating your guilt-free me time
4. Group coaching call (Tuesday, May 4 at 1pm Eastern/12pm Central/10am Pacific)

Lesson 6: Living a Balanced Life

We'll identify things that bring you joy (other than your child) and you'll learn how to incorporate them into your life more so you can have fun and live a balanced life.

1. Lesson video on how to incorporate more joy into your life
2. PDF guide
3. Exercise: identify your joy
4. Group coaching call (
Tuesday, May 11 at 1pm Eastern/12pm Central/10am Pacific)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if I don’t want to get coached on the live call?

That’s okay! You always have a choice to speak on the call or just listen to other autism moms speak.

Listening to similar struggles that other autism moms are having alone can be a healing experience. And the coaching that I give will most likely be relevant to your struggles as well.

2. What if I can’t make it to the live coaching calls?

All calls are recorded and will be made available to you the next day. In addition, I’m including a bonus to give you 2 extra live Q&A calls in our private members only group to answer any questions.

I want to give you as much support as possible.

3. Will I be able to connect with other autism moms in the group?

Yes! There will be a private members only forum where you can have discussions and connect with other autism moms in a safe, private space. This is the beauty of a group coaching program. We all need each other and are here to support each other.

4. What if I fall behind in the program?

No worries! There’s no such thing as falling behind in this program. You have lifetime access to this course and you can go at your own pace.

I’m here to support you and you can connect with me on the calls, in the forum, on the course page, and via email. I’m here for you.

"We live in the same, small town and her story is an inspiration to all autism moms here. She and my mom both taught in our public school system together and my mom reached out to her after my son was diagnosed. We signed up for an autism class with her this past fall. We zoomed every week and it was very helpful and inspiring. Whether you are just starting your journey or knee deep in it like me, it's a good way to let all your fears out and get great advice from someone who understands it."

- Brie Justice

A Little Bit About My Journey

Brigitte Shipman Autism Mom Coach

I don’t remember driving home after hearing that my son was autistic. I heard ringing in my ears and thought the pain I felt in my heart was going to kill me.

It was truly a moment when everything changed in an instant. I began to try and process the news but it was impossible at that moment.

The son that we had known for the past three years no longer existed in my mind. I now believed that my son’s life was going to be a struggle. I was grief stricken. I wanted to hold my baby and just sob for our loss. My sweet innocent child. I could barely function from the pain I felt.

The pain and grief remained within my body and still holds a place inside of me 28 years later. The journey of autism has been daunting, exhausting and full of stress for many years.

I did not know how to manage my life as a wife, friend, educator, and mostly as a mother of an autisic child. I felt completely overwhelmed with finding answers for Joseph. What do I do first? Where do I go? Who can help us?

As I reflect back to the day I was told that my son was autistic it was as though my world turned upside down. I felt like I was lost. I didn’t know how to navigate myself, my family, and my sweet son.

How do I find answers, balance, and joy in my life? How can I live in a world that feels bright once again? I was disoriented and I needed to find my way back to a world that made sense to me.

As I continued searching I discovered that there were other mothers out there who felt like I did. Their lives were turned upside down just as mine had a few years earlier.

I realized that if we could come together then we could share our knowledge, resources, grief and have a safe place to move forward on our journey. I found support in others who were on the autism journey. I found strength and comfort in sharing what was very difficult with what small progress we had made.

I also discovered that I could create my support network with my families and friends. I was a teacher, so I would try and teach as many parents, teachers, and anyone who would listen to what I had learned and experienced. Support was one of the ways I slowly began to make sense of my life.

I have so many life lessons I collected along the way. One of the big ones for me was that I would not survive if I did not take care of myself.

I was one of those moms that put everyone and everything before myself. I felt selfish and guilt took over when I would spend time away from my son and husband. I felt like I was not doing a good job as a wife and mother.

My son was difficult for most others to keep even for a few hours. It was hard for me to let go and manage any time for just me. I was physically and emotionally drained. I did not have the self-care practices that I could use in my life.

In fact, I didn’t know what it meant. I would get in my workout most of the time, but that is where taking care of myself began and also ended. I finally came to a point where my body had enough and I was diagnosed with a lifelong chronic illness.

I had all the signs along the way, but I just kept moving. This lesson is a hard one for most moms, but I believe that this is the foundation that leads us back to living a balanced life. We must take care of ourselves to be able to take care of anyone else.

Another thing I learned is that so many of my days were spent believing thoughts that simply were not true. You might have heard of “self-talk.” This is how we talk to ourselves.

Most of my thoughts were negative and filled with stress and anxiety. “What if Joseph doesn’t know how to ask for things at school?” “What if he never has any friends?” “What if????” You get the picture. I held on tight to my fear of the future. I was living in fear of what might be rather than living in possibilities and what I knew was truth.

I now have tools that help me notice my thoughts and how to get rid of all the negative beliefs that are not true. This was a step to living toward freedom.

Being an autism mom is certainly a struggle, but it is also pure happiness. Celebrating each day is essential because we are living our lives with the most rewarding gifts, our children. Our lives are meant to be celebrated.

What I know for sure is that even on our most challenging days there is a reason to celebrate. We just need to live from our grateful hearts, notice the joyful moments, laugh, and make lemonade out of our beautiful bright yellow lemons.

Life is beautiful and I now see the world bright side up rather than upside down and it feels perfectly imperfect.

I created this course so you can begin to see the world bright side up and see the gifts that this life with autism offers.

Sending you love,